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Installing Texas Instruments TI-92 AA Batteries 


Installing Texas Instruments TI-92 AA Batteries 

Tools used in this guide 

• Your Hands 

Parts relevant to this guide 

• AA batteries 

Step 1 - Back Cover 

• The first step to any repair operation is to 
remove the front cover. 


• Grab the back of the calculator with one hand and the 
cover with the other. 

• Pull the cover off from one of the sides for easy 

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Installing Texas Instruments TI-92 AA Batteries 

Step 2 

• Orientate the calculator with the top facing towards you. 

Slide the locking tab,found on the top part of the 
calculator, to the unlock position. 

Step 3 

• "Locking Tab" 

• To remove the back cover, slide the cover away from 
the locking tab towards the bottom of the calculator until 
the cover no longer slides. 

• Then with the front of the calculator facing down, pull 
up on the back cover. 

• The calculator should now be orientated with the front 
facing down, as shown in picture 2. 

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Installing Texas Instruments TI-92 AA Batteries 

Step 4 - Batteries 

• The Batteries are now exposed and the 
calculator is face down with the back 
towards you. 


• Remove the bottom batteries by pressing the battery 
towards you while pulling it out from the far end 

• If you can not do the previous step with your 
finger try using a flat ended tool such as an 
Ipod opening tool. 


• After the bottom battery has been removed push or 
slide the other(top) battery towards you until it is fully 
exposed in the battery slot. 

• Now simply remove the battery. 

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